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Innovative Consulting Inc.

Who we are

ENA2 Innovative Consulting Inc. is an industry leading, Professional Engineering and Product Development Company, strategically located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

With over 27 years’ experience, ENA2 is structured to support companies, reducing their overhead costs, increasing turn-around times, and providing access to best-in-class technologies. 

With a long history of highly technical projects, and an extensive range of clients, ENA2 understands the potential of an engaged work force.  We are led by teams who thirst for challenge, are inspired by the most complex problems, and compete at the highest level. 

Innovation gives us our competitive advantage.  Our ever-growing range of services brings new and exciting technologies and collaborative methods that lead the way across our business.  As a single stop solution, we pride ourselves on being considered your strategic partner. 

ENA2 is dedicated to meeting the challenges of tomorrow. Contact our team to incorporate the right mix of analysis, software and expertise into your next project.



We have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, efficient engineering solutions.

We guarantee effective engineering solutions. Our history of successful project delivery speaks volumes.