Acoustic Engineering

Innovative Consulting Inc.

ENA2 Innovative Consulting Inc. offers architectural acoustics, building sound insulation, mechanical noise, community noise assessments, and environmental acoustic services for commercial and industrial projects.

ENA2 Innovative Consulting Inc. has extensive experience with well known acoustics software and other modeling programs to evaluate room designs for acoustical properties, constructions for sound insulation, and floor systems for impact isolation, and ventilation system noise generation and transmission.


Acoustics Engineering Services

- Noise Impact Assessment

- Sound Propagation Modelling

- Noise Control Design 

- Noise Monitoring

- Room Acoustical Design 

- Acoustical Noise and Vibration Isolation Design 

- Acoustical Noise Isolation for Transportation Noise Sources 

- HVAC System Noise Control  

- Electrical Systems Noise Control 

- Piping System Noise Control 

- Engine Exhaust Silencer 

- Acoustics Ventilation 

- Cooler Fan Silencer 

- Pipe Lagging 

- Muffler