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API 650

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

API 610 Centrifugal Pump

FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

Asset Integrity Management includes Fitness for Service evaluations to relevant Codes to determine whether equipment with existing flaws (such as distortions or cracks) found by inspection is suitable for continued service. Fitness for Service evaluations are the most viable step in determining the safety and financial risk factors related to component repair or replacement. In the current competitive marketplace, extending the life of existing structures and components has become increasingly important in minimizing the total cost of ownership.

There are many factors that affect plant aging. We provide Fitness-For-Service (FFS) evaluations to demonstrate the structural integrity on tanks, vessels, silos and other process equipment. Our evaluations, based on API-579/ ASME FFS-1 and other specifications, are used to make run/ repair/ replace decisions. These evaluations ensure that pressurized equipment containing flaws which have been identified by inspection can continue to operate. Assessments include:

                                                                        - Fracture mechanics and fatigue life assessment
                                                                        - General and local corrosion
                                                                        - Bulges and out-of-roundness
                                                                        - Tank settlement
                                                                        - Mechanical vibration
                                                                        - Creep & creep fatigue for equipment operating at elevated temperature
                                                                        - NDE – Inspection and analysis for Flaws/ Cracks
                                                                        - Determining failure modes
                                                                        - Fatigue of welded joints

API 653

Pressure Vessel Design and Analysis 

​API 618 Reciprocating Compressor

API 674 Reciprocating Pump

Hi-Tech Export delivers comprehensive pressure vessels engineering and design services since several years. With the help of state-of-the-art computer technology, demonstrated machine engineering techniques, and ingenious creativeness shown by our designers.

We can create highly advanced pressure vessel design using AutoCAD, Inventor (3D Solid Modeling), and FEA (Finite Element Analysis). We have the aptitude of providing pressure equipment analysis and pressure vessel design & drawing services. We have professional team of CAD / CAE specialists for pressure vessel to improve the quality and efficiency of your product design management.

                                                             -   Pressure vessel design and analysis based on ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code
                                                             -   Analysis of Power Boilers as per ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Section-1
                                                             -   Calculations to check the suitability of vessels for in-situ PWHT
                                                             -   Fatigue analysis to calculate the fatigue life of pressure vessels subjected to pressure cycles, temperature cycles and startup / shutdown cycles
                                                             -   Failure Analysis to identify the root cause of failure for the failed pressure vessels or pressure vessel components
                                                             -   Finite Element Analysis for pressure vessels and pressure vessel components
                                                             -   Evaluation of cracks and Flaws in pressure vessels by applying Fracture Mechanics techniques

                                                             -   Discontinuity Analysis for Pressure Vessels involving special situations of Structural and Material discontinuity
                                                             -   Re-rating of pressure vessels for a new set of design parameters
                                                             -   Calculation of minimum retirement thickness values for existing pressure vessels / pressure vessel components to maximize the remaining safe and useful life
                                                             -   Design of Structural systems and supports for continued operation of leaked vessels or vessels that violate the minimum required thicknesses based on                                                                                        structural considerations
                                                             -   Evaluation of Pressure Vessels after accidental over-pressurization
                                                             -   Analysis to assure Mechanical Integrity of Pressure Vessels for following type of flaws: Generalized corrosion, Localized corrosion / Thinning,                                                                                                       -   Blisters, Laminations, Bulges, Gouges, Dents, Cracks etc.

Pump and Reciprocating Compressors 

Wind Turbine Analysis 

API-579 / ASME FFS-1   Fitness-For-Service 

Above Ground Storage Tanks 

API 620

Mechanical Engineering

 ENA2 provides PFD’s, P&ID’s, pressure vessel design, structural design, general arrangement drawings, elevations, 3D modeling and piping system design. Moreover, we develop detailed fabrication drawings based on our client specifications and complex calculations.

Our design fully complies with international standards (ABS, API, AISC) and other associated specifications to ensure safe lifting, transportation, and operation.

Our professional and affordable Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) services enable a proper understanding of the project, and practical solutions for the best course of action to achieve a flawless and productive design.

Fatigue Analysis